Only true connoisseurs are able to appreciate the virtually unlimited diversity of French wines, just as they are able to effectively evaluate regions, vineyards and grape varieties and expertly classify the extensive array of cuvées. Thanks to their many years of experience, our wine experts are in a vantage position to select the best – which does not always mean the most expensive – wine for you from among the many “good” wines out there.

That’s why we carry not only wines from the well-known major wine-growing regions of France like Bordeaux and Burgundy but also top-quality wines from small-scale independent fine winemakers of Southern France – the Provence, the Rhône and the Loire regions. From table wine to Premier Grand Cru Classée – at Aquitaine Vinothèque you’ll find a wine for every taste and every budget. Right now we have over 100 different wines in stock.

Over time, we have developed long-standing, trusting relationships with our winegrowers so as a preferred partner we carry many wines in our collection that you will find only in Munich – here at Aquitaine Vinothèque.

Although France is our primary focus and passion, we also offer a modest selection of wines from Germany and Italy as well.